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2012_0415 Bread 001

Caroline’s “Paska”  or “кулич”.  It was blessed this morning, April 15, at 5:30 a.m.   I returned home and had some!  It is really good!

Lucky me to have two Easters – Catholic Easter, last Sunday, April 8, and  Orthodox Easter.  Today!

2012_0408 013    2012_0408 017

2012_0408 016

These are photos from my April 8 Easter celebration:  Easter brunch, complete with Quiche, bacon and bloody Marys!

Easter Brunch with my good friends: Kyle Borley, Rachel Simonelli, Amy Woodstock and Hailey Spencer

SO now that the weather if a bit warmer, it is more fun to walk to work, walk to church, walk anywhere, really!  So, I will share a few of my normal walks around Luhansk.

First:  Everyone needs a landmark to figure out where “home” is. 

Beacon home  2011_0912 003

The radio/tv/satellite towers are the landmark.  The towers sit in a park directly across the street from my building. (2nd photo)

When I leave my building, I walk down the small alley, turn past the flower vendors and then come to my main street , КОЦЮБИНСКОГО , Kotzubinskogo – the name of my street in English.

2010_1003 001 Street and Bazaar   2010_1003 002 Street and Bazaar

WALKING TO WORK  (The photos show all the seasons here in Luhansk… fall colors, winter ice, spring mud thaw and summer)

While our offices are being remodeled, I have a 30 minute walk to work; our office is currently located in the department of rehabilitation therapy at Shevchenko National University in Luhansk.

The alley in front, the small bazaar where I turn the corner, go to my street – Kotzubinskogo, then left to the Theatre square, up to the main street, pass shopping areas, cut through the University grounds, pass through the park, pass the Blue church, cross the street to the office building. 

2010_1026 001 My apartment drive  2011_0509 014    2011_0927  004

My alley in Fall, the Theater square, the City Hall and city center square

2011_0509 025  041 040 

Luhansk’s main street, Sovetskaya

P1020053 050  059 

1) One of the main intersections, right turn to 2) the entrance gate to Shevchenko National University 3) in the campus a the park with famous, old stones on the campus grounds

2010_1023 005 Luhansk Shevkenko University-1  2011_0912 008 2010_1023 006 Luhansk Shevkenko University-1

Details of some of the old stone statues.  The orthodox church on campus- a landmark as the church is very blue!

My office is across the street from the blue church.

WHEN I walk to purchase my train tickets, I walk to the train station.

From my street, Koutzbinskogo, I turn right and walk down the hill to the train station.  In the spring, summer and fall, this is a 20 minute walk.  In the winter with the ice, it is a 10 minute SLIDE down the hill and a 40 minute careful walk up the hill.

P1020008    2011_0916 003  2011_0509 024

1)My street, my building in the middle, 2) the walk down the hill, the train station has the arch entrance, l3)ooking back up the hill to my apartment complex.

The central bazaar is an “more or less” open shopping area in the center of Luhansk.  The bazaar is open from 9 until 3, daily except Mondays.

2010_1003 003 Street and Bazaar  2010_1003 004 Street and Bazaar 2010_1003 005 Street and Bazaar

2010_1003 006 Street and Bazaar 2010_1003 007 Street and Bazaar 2010_1003 008 Street and Bazaar

2010_1003 009 Street and Bazaar 2010_1003 010 Street and Bazaar

I always see people feeding stale bread to city pigeons.  Two babushkas coming home from market.

While the main street, Sovetskaya, and my street, Koutzbinskogo, are paved streets with a lot of traffic, just two blocks either direction of the main streets, the roads in Luhansk are pretty awful.   The potholes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, do not even come close to the horrible pot holes in Luhansk (that get worse after every winter).

P1020034 P1020035 P1020037 

P1020038 P1020041 P1020042

P1020043 P1020045 P1020048

Below is a typical marker or warning of a very large hole in the street….



After all the waking, it’s nice to come home and just look out my window!

2011_0608 002  2012_0303 002

1) A rainbow after one of the latest rain storms 2) Tree trimming- spring is here and the green leaves are not far behind!!!

Thanks for letting me share my walking routes and a little more of Luhansk!

I look forward to seeing everyone very soon!


Sporting a Ukrainian braid… soon to be given to Locks of Love!!

2012_0408 011