Two Years Later–an RPCV (Returned Peace Corps Volunteer) Living the Great Life in Hawaii!

Almost two years ago, 16 May 2012  to be exact,  l left my Peace Corps site in Eastern Ukraine and returned (with a nice 5 weeks in Europe) back to the USA. 
Lots has happened in the past two years- current events in Ukraine is A MAJOR topic now!  The situation is very very sad.   Peace Corps volunteers were evacuated from Ukraine in late February 2014 and the Peace Corps office in Kyiv is now closed.  So sad as I wonder what will happen to all the wonderful Ukrainian Peace Corps Staff members- our doctors, our community development personnel, the secretaries, the drivers, the security personnel—so sad.  I do hear from my Ukrainian friends who tell me the situation in Eastern Ukraine is not good.  Russian thugs and many people from the lower echelons of society have invaded Ukraine and are provoking situations, creating havoc.
For a quick recap- I spent the last 5 months of 2012 in Hawaii- making sure I would really like to live in Hawaii long term!   I returned to California in December 2012 to return to my Encinitas house, get my household goods out of storage, and start the clock countdown for the return to Hawaii!  Luckily, I returned to work part time with my former employer, Moores Cancer Center at the UCSD School of Medicine, relearning how to work in the Federal Grant/National Cancer Institute world again.  Amazing how the skills come back!
In November 2013, 1) my Hawaii tenants had orders two months early to ship out to Sigonella Sicily; 2) my son who had lived in my Hawaii house for 7 years moved to MAUI (big job promotion) and 3) my part time job contract ended!   SO… the return to Hawaii started!
The California House sold on March 1, 2014.  Good bye to a lovely view, a fun house, a “killer” kitchen and 15 years of great memories.
309 roses_001   309 Trailview rainbow 01 
2013_ trailview yard 1  2013_ trailview yard 3
2013_Oct 309 Trailview_008   2013_Oct 309 Trailview_009
It was tough to leave my family…. my daughter, son-in-law, two brothers and their families are in San Diego….. BUT…. when you see where I am in Hawaii, it’s not bad!
2009_Hawaii House - morning 2  2009_Hawaii House - morning 3
2013_Ian's  side_outside 007  2013_outside pool area 003
I have been home in Hawaii 7 weeks now.  My household shipment arrived March 17- March 21.  My cute little car arrived March 15 and on March 16 had a Hawaiian license plate. 
190  194 
195   196
March 21, my nieces Julia and Heather, arrived for Spring break – a great opportunity to explore the island and go to the beach.  NO WORK and NO MORE UNPACKING.. for a while!
017   018
015  016
 P1020574  P1020582
P1020588   P1020593   P1020597
P1020607   P1020618
P1020640  P1020643
P1020657  P1020658
P1020666  P1020667
P1020671  P1020674
P1020678  photo 2
We had a great time North Shore, Makapu’u Point, Manoa Falls, Waikiki, Doris Duke house in Diamond Head, Duke’s Statue on Waikiki and Kaena Point.  Too much fun.
And then TWO DAYS LATER, my pal John Theroux and his friend, Cheri Sheridan, arrived for 8 days.  John and Cheri insisted on helping me unpack and hang photos… Really nice to have a ton of work done!  But everyday we managed to hit the beach so John and Cheri could work on their tans…AND the most fun, the three of us participated in a Peace Corps volunteer activity at the Kawainui Marsh restoration project – in Kailua, Hawaii, about 5 minutes from my house.  GREAT FUN mucking about in the swamp, cutting out cat tails!
022    024 
John, Cheri and I also hiked the West Shore to the North Shore ( the entire hike is 10 miles round trip) and visited one of the Hawaiian National refuge areas for Albatrosses and Monk Seals.  VERY COOL.  This area is a must for all future visitors!
034     040
071   072
The next set of visitors arrive June 1.  Between now and then, I am having great fun making the Hawaii house mine- doing much needed renovations.  
Happily, the guest beds are made and I am ready for friends ANY TIME!  COME VISIT!
My contact information: 
Caroline L. Mackenzie
44168 Nanamoana Street
Kaneohe, HI 96744
Cell:  858-705-4225 (still my CA cell number)
Email: ( no change here)
Sending lots of Aloha love.