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Luhansk City Hall at night

10 November 2010

Hello Everyone!

It is nice to know that some things do not change no matter where you live around the world.  Your washing machine or dryer will always eat something:  a sock, a wash cloth, underwear.  No matter where I have lived- Italy, Singapore, USA, Belgium and Ukraine - I can vouch for the truth of this!  Just today doing my laundry, I am missing one black sock.  I KNOW it was there at the start of the washing cycle.

More interesting facts:
1.  Ukrainians are like Hawaiians. You must remove your shoes before you come in the house.  I feel at home.

2.  A good plumber really adds to one's quality of life.  Considering I have flooded my downstairs neighbor's apartment TWICE, the pipes and "Rube Goldberg" construction in my remodeled flat leave a lot to be desired.  And of course, the international incident I created by flooding my downstairs neighbor's flat not once, but TWICE did not really help the  "get to know your neighbors" policy.  On the bright side, I did learn every Russian swear word that is not part of my Russian studies handbook.

3.  A good butcher is also essential for life in Ukraine.  There are LOTS of supermarkets, but as I have learned the quality control on meat products is not quite up to the USDA.  Thanks to my Ukrainian cooking club friends, I have found great butchers.  Each one has a specialty-- Pork, Beef, Veal, Lamb, Poultry. I can even find a whole turkey for Thanksgiving.  LUCKY ME.

4.  Children on a school field trip are the same no matter where in the world.  I ran into a class going to local history museum today and the entire class had more fun climbing all over the canon rather than standing in line to go inside!

Museum Field trip - The canon is cool!
The class checked out the canon!
5.  Cars decorated for weddings are also universal- Stretch limos to hot-rods with flames!

6.  There is always an abundance of "not-quite English" sayings on shirts, trousers or posters!
"Babiy Boom" Poster
Sort of    "Smile- Got Milk?

7.  You never know what hides behind a tree until all the leaves fall off!  I have walked by this park every day since July and I had NO CLUE the plane was hiding behind the trees!  I am sure my aviator pals can tell me the make and model of the plane.

Interesting playground structure!!!
The entire plane, propellers and all, was hidden behind the trees!!!
8.  Artisans are everywhere.  The cat in the tree is made entirely of PLASTIC FORKS!

9.  There is always a silly statue somewhere that reminds me of my friends.

10.  The Thanksgiving holiday approaches.  Thanksgiving is not a holiday here, but 14 of my Peace Corps buddies will be here in Luhansk for the weekend and we will have our feast on Saturday, Nov. 27.  Almost everything we need is available  here in Luhansk to have the traditional feast!
Chocolate - a requirement- is definitely available!
I will be thinking of everyone on Thursday, Nov. 25 as I am so thankful to my family and my friends.  So many have sent me letters, emails, photos, surprise boxes, and talked with me via Skype.  

Thank you all.

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  1. Caroline, We love your blog - it is the most interesting email we receive. The photos are great, the comments even better. Pat is trying to figure out what type of plane that is behind the trees. His father was a pilot so he should know.
    Much love from your admirers in Arizona,
    Jill and Pat

  2. I always smile at your comments....this one was great. Loved the pictures.

  3. This is the first of your blogs I have had a chance to read and I loved it! Great photos and captions. Now I will go back and read the rest! "You shred, Girl!" What an experience! I admire your courage! Nick

  4. I am new to your blog and will be new to PC Ukraine in March. So excited! Love the blog and the photos.
    FYI, the plane is an Antonov 12.

  5. Great to see your interesting blog, Caroline! Can't wait to visit Lugansk in 2 weeks! See you soon.