Life as an RPCV (Returned Peace Corps Volunteer)- the first six months May-November 2012

Six months ago on 13 May 2012 I left my Peace Corps organization /site of two years and began the re-entry journey back to the USA. 

The journey began with an exit stamp in my passport—I was leaving Ukraine and my Peace Corps passport would expire!

2012_0518 001 

My exit visa stamp…..

On to London to visit family and a dear friend

2012_0520 004 2012_0520 018

LONDON,MAY 2012-  ready for the Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee.  AND what is London without a little “high tea”- scones, clotted cream and blueberry preserves

2012_0518 0082012_0519 002    2012_0521 024

Fun with my grand nephews and niece who live in London; my nephew tried to explain cricket to me as I watched him play

2012_0521 006  2012_0521 007 

Sloane Square shops decked out for the Chelsea Flower Show.  My niece Leslie and I had a ball looking at the floral displays!

The soldier was red roses, white roses, long ti leaves, green moss… stunning!

2012_0521 021

My niece and grand nephew met my dear friend Alexandra Eversole, a high school classmate who lived in London ever since HS graduation. 

She taught young children my grandnephew’s age and had a lifelong love of teaching children and history.

Alexandra lost her battle with ovarian cancer a few months after our visit.  I treasure her memory- we were friends for over 50 years. 


2012_0522 002 2012_0522 011 

On to Edinburgh, Scotland by train!  Left:  Fields of rape, Right: Pub in Edinburgh

2012_0523 024 

My wonderful friends Judith and Derek on the Royal Yacht Britannia, now in Edinburgh and open for tours.

And after three days in Scotland… 25 MAY 2012……

a quick flight across the English Channel to Antwerp, Belgium to visit more friends and my Belgian Family.

2012_0524 005 2012_0525 004 2012_0526 008

Danielle (photo on left) and I were tennis partners; the photo on the right is the pond at the park near my old house in Brasschaat, Belgium; CLM in front of Klaverheide 24, where I lived 1990-1994.

      2012_0525 010  2012_0525 022

The Antwerp Train Station (one of the top 10 in the world) and the Antwerp City Hall

2012_0525 012  2012_0525 032

CLM with the required Antwerp Beer, De Konnick; The sign at Mama’s Garden, the hangout for my children when we lived in Brasschaat.

2012_0526 005  2012_0526 024

My friends and neighbors, Denise and Marianne:  CLM telling Peace Corps stories about life in Ukraine.

2012_0527 057  2012_0527 064

Parc du Mik , near Brasschaat- another favorite spot when I lived in Brasschaat.  CLM and Denise (My Belgian family)

2012_0528 027  2012_0528 032 2012_0528 046

On to Brugge, Belgium

2012_0528 033  2012_0528 034

Michelangelo Pieta in one of the churches in Brugge; the Pieta in the center portion of the altarpiece.

2012_0528 039  2012_0528 040

My travel pal, Amy, and I munching the required Belgian Frites.  

THEN 29 MAY on to…….

2012_0529 010   2012_0529 034 

Colembert, France to visit a few of my French cousins at their home, Chateau de Colembert.

   2012_0529 022 2012_0529 023  2012_0529 032

My cousins were re-introducing Amy and I to really wonderful, excellent French Wine! 

2012_0529 087   2012_0530 004  2012_0529 015

My cousins have worked very very hard to restore and maintain the Chateau, which has been in the family for over 300 years.  They are doing GREAT work.

2012_0529 051  2012_0529 054

A little lunch—shrimp beginner and a small medallion of veal for main course.  Delicious!

2012_0529 065  2012_0529 066  2012_0529 071

A quick tour of the French coastline, north of Boulogne – plus a few mussels and collecting beach glass

2012_0530 013  2012_0530 011  2012_0530 035

The organ in the cathedral in St. Omer; a cow gargoyle!!!, ceramic salt and pepper cellars and a ceramic creamer in the museum at St. Omer

2012_0530 054   2012_0530 077

Lunch and dinner with more of my French Family.  GREAT FUN and I am blessed with such a great French Family!


 2012_0531 001       2012_0601 008 


2012_0601 006  2012_0601 007 

Farewell Toast to Amy (champagne of course) and welcome to Jinx and Cheekie, 2nd group of travel pals!

2012_0601 013  2012_0601 019 2012_0601 016

Place de Hotel de Ville (with TV screens for the French Open) and Place Des Vosges, and the fountain outside the Pompidou museum

 2012_0602 018  2012_0602 027 

4 JUNE 2012:  On to the French countryside to visit more of my French family- photo 1, a sculpture in a garden, photo 2 fun house with lovely roses

2012_0602 049   2012_0602 055 2012_0602 067

On to Giverny, the home of a Claude Monet.  The Gardens are glorious, the peonies were still in bloom.  Magnificient.

     2012_0602 072  2012_0603 03

My wonderful cousins, Isabelle and Arnaud and their home, about 30 minutes from Giverny, 90 minutes from Paris

  2012_0603 24

The Golf Club club house near Arnaud and Isabelle’s home!  Nice.  The golf course is lovely, too!

THEN on to Rouen and famous cathedrals. 

 2012_0603 102  2012_0603 104 

The first is St. Ouen “Church” and is famous for music.  We had an impromtu organ concert.  Fabulous.

2012_0603 112  2012_0603 117 

The timbered houses in Rouen. 

2012_0603 123  2012_0603 124  2012_0603 138 (2)

The Cathedrale de Notre Dame de Rouen and the famous doors, painted by Claude Monet. The interior and the stone stairwell to the library in the church.

2012_0603 139 (2)   2012_0603 141 

The exterior

AND if two cathedrals in Rouen are not enough…ON TO CHARTRES

 2012_0604 006 2012_0604 012

The famous windows in Chartres have all been restored and cleaned.

 2012_0604 011   2012_0604 017  2012_0604 016

And then, 5 JUNE 2012 -----On to southern Burgundy to visit another friend from High School.

IMG_9119    2012_0605 014

Caroline and Helena and Helena’s home, “Les Marroniers”

2012_0605 007  100_0113

The view from the Pool and the view from the front Living room.  Wonderful, relaxing location!

But we can’t relax too long….  6 JUNE 2012 ……..on to more family in CLUNY, (also in Burgundy)

100_0141   IMG_9263 IMG_9264 IMG_9269

My cousin Guy, an Architect who lives in Cluny, gave us an inside walking tour of the Abbaye de Cluny,

the center of a major monastic movement in the Middle Ages.

Its church was the largest Christian building in the world until St. Peter's Basilica was rebuilt in Rome in the 16th century.

100_0149  100_0154 2012_0608 008

Cousin Guy and his wife, Marie Madeleine have restored a very old, very historic home and garden in Cluny.

2012_0607 023   2012_0607 025

Countryside in and around Beaune, France.

2012_0607 027  2012_0608 0152012_0608 025

L to R: Beaune products, the Hospice de Beaune, and an example of “gooseneck” faucets (in the kitchen at the Hospice)

2012_0608 040  2012_0608 048 

 2012_0608 054  2012_0608 063

Top four photos:  Chateaux de Vaux Le Vicomte, the silver wine cooler,

the copper in the kitchen and a planter!

10 JUNE 2012- Good bye Paris, Good Bye Europe

 2012_0609 006 


 2012_0611 004 2012_0618 003

L to R: Family in Pacific Grove California, welcome home hors d’oeuvres

JUNE and JULY 2012


San Diego_July 2012 04  P1010100

The LONG OVERDUE HAIR CUT.  15 inches donated to Locks of Love!


And another family party…. preparing for the Land of Aloha!

P1010190 P1010193 




clm_Hi license2HI License plate 

My Hawaiian Driver’s License and my HI license plate

 P1010810  P1010809  2012_1108 001

HOME in Hawaii  and my job while in Hawaii---- HOME PROJECTS and SWEAT EQUITY!!!

P1010281  walkway from pool to door to master bath  garage and work bench on right 

The American Dream of Home Ownership and maintenance!!!

Tenting--- no more nasty bugs, pruning and yard work… it’s a jungle over here!!!  staining the driveway and garage floor

Kitchen counter _view to living room    master bathrrom view toward shower   middle bedroom looking to dining area

Clean and reseal all the tile floors and counters, repair the master bath shower and seal all the tiles,

repaint the entire interior, and replace worn moldy carpets with hardwood flooring

workbench area outside garage  2012_1021 002

Clean, repair and paint all the rain gutters, restain and repair the hammock and see if it still works.

painting Hawaiian style 01   P1010635 

Pool deck staining and a quick break for a birthday party for my son.  (check out the Ukrainian candle!)

BUT … life in the land of Aloha is not all sweat equity… there is time to see the beauty of Hawaii

P1010314  P1010308 

The famous north shore of Oahu… L to R:  Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach with NO WAVES AT ALL in September

   P1010853  P1010854

And SUNSET BEACH with 18 ft. waves in NOVEMBER!!!

  2012_1020 003  2012_1024 014

View of Honolulu from the top of Diamond Head and Pearl Harbor Memorial to USS Arizona

 botanical garden 005  P1010401

Plumeria (the lei flower)  and a Hawaiian cardinal

2012_1020 011  

My time in Hawaii will come to a close (For now at least) on Dec. 15, 2012. 

My Hawaii house is rented for one more long term tenant. 

I return to California to move back to my California house.

309 trailview 002309 birdwalking-6

309 Trailview Road, Encinitas CA 92024

After 6 months on the road, it is now time to return to a full time job (still looking), sign up for Medicare (done and yes I am old enough), understand our health care system (is that possible) and get all my “things” out of storage and USE them.   The journey that started three years ago in January 2010 -- moving out of my California house and preparing for 27 months in the Peace Corps --- has now ended.  What a journey!

Thank you all for sharing the journey with me.  

Come visit!