Panorama of Kiev Pechersk Lavra overlooking the Dnieper River
UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine
The word pechera means cave
The word lavra is used to describe high-ranking monasteries 
for male monks of the Eastern Orthodox Church.  
February 2011

Hello Everyone,

I thought it might be fun to post my pictures of Kiev: hopefully, these photos will convince some of you to come visit.  I have been to Kiev seven times since my arrival and, because the Peace Corps Ukraine headquarters are in Kiev, I will be in Kiev many more times while I am here.

I am attaching a link to an article from the Kiev Post, an English Language paper that PC volunteers receive. 
The January 28 Issue has an interesting article about Kiev- "What We Love and Don't Love about Kiev".  It's a good read with fun comments about "cheap bread, cheap vodka" and the allure of "Slavic women"!     

Pechersk Lavra  
Numerous Architectural Sites

Dormition Cathedral  (below) destroyed in World War II,  
and fully reconstructed in recent years. 
Dormition Cathedral- back
Dormition Cathedral - front

Great Lavra Belltower

The Great Lavra Belltower is a notable feature of the Kiev skyline 
and among the main attractions of the Lavra. 
It was the tallest free-standing belltower at the time of its construction in 1731-1745, and was designed by the architect Johann Gottfried Schädel. Its total height is 96.5 meters.



Church of the Saviour at Berestove seen with its 19th-century steepled belfry. 
Strong stone fortification walls- looking to the statue of the Motherland

More churches in the Kiev Lavra complex.

Within the Lavra is a wonderful collection of Ukrainian decorated Easter eggs...

Walking from the Lavra, the next big park has the enormous statue to the Motherland, an eternal flame, and other war monuments.


On a hillside farther of this park is the  Botanical Gardens park.  In the spring (usually May) the lilacs are in bloom and Ukrainians from all over the country come to see the lilacs.  These photos are from May 2010.  My Peace Corps friends Vicki (left)and Cheryl (right), and Sveta (center), Vicki's host mother during our training stay, are in the photos.

Red Horse Chestnut trees, the official tree of Kiev, were also in bloom in May.  Absolutely magnificent.

The center of Kiev is also fun to walk around and visit churches, more parks, and the puppet theater.  The Puppet Theater is spectacular and, maybe, I will have a chance to see a performance in the puppet theater.

St. Andrews Church left and right

St. Michael's Church Above and below

The photos below are the Kiev Puppet Theater!

Ukraine's version of Peter Pan- but he slays a dragon


Pinocchio's girl fiend and her dog



Come visit!

Peace Corps Friends!
The necessary food groups for language refresher classes!

Recycled styrofoam containers-
Now Valentine Candy dishes