I must admit that my life as a Peace Corps volunteer is anything but dull!   When you say yes, you never know what will happen.

Tuesday, Oct. 11, my organization took me to a a small school in the town of Kremnna- about 75 KM north east of Luhansk.  The school is a boarding school, exclusively for children with disabilities, and the students were competing in a song and dance festival.  I was asked to be a judge.  Photos below are some of the children singing and dancing.

2011_1011 Festival 001   2011_1011 Festival 005

  2011_1011 Festival 008 

Photo 1:  School sign     Photo 2:  Students posing for photos       Photo 3:  Two students dancing

2011_1011 Festival 022    2011_1011 Festival 023 

Photo 1:  Young lady in Ukrainian dress, sang a very patriot song 

Photo 2:  Two students performing gymnastics, including the balls 

     2011_1011 Festival 018

Photo 3: Guitarist who has won many competitions

2011_1011 Festival 048   2011_1011 Festival 032B 

Photo 1:  The pair dancing were very cute; both have walking disabilities 

Photo 2:  Young student sang a sentimental song  

    2011_1011 Festival 051

Photo 3:The entire group

When we drove back from the festival, we drove through forest areas just north of Ukraine.  These forests are great for mushroom hunting.  As my work colleagues LOVE mushrooms, and also enjoy the Ukraine custom of hunting for mushrooms, we stopped along the road so we could mushroom hunt.  This was my very first mushroom hunt.  Fascinating!  I admit that I will probably never be a “pro” at this, but I did manage to find three good mushrooms, in a sea of thousands of “bad” ones.

2011_1011 Mushrooms 001  2011_1011 Mushrooms 003 

Photo 1:  Mushroom hunting         Photo 2:  These are BAD MUSHROOMS  

 2011_1011 Mushrooms 004

                 Photo 3:  THIS is a GOOD mushroom

2011_1011 Mushrooms 007  2011_1011 Mushrooms 011 

Photo 1:  A lovely “good mushroom   Photo 2:  Another good mushroom 

 2011_1011 Mushrooms 012  2011_1011 Mushrooms 013

Photo 3 & 4:  Caroline extracting the mushroom

   2011_1011 Mushrooms 015  2011_1011 Mushrooms 016

Photo 1:  Our small “haul”  Photo 2:  Wild mushrooms for sale on the road side

After mushroom hunting, I returned home to pick up my suitcase and left for a conference in Limassol, Cyprus.  My organization had applied to send someone to the “Forum on the Future of Democracy: the Interdependency of Democracy and Social Cohesion.”  Our representative had a change of plans, and so my organization asked me to go instead!  LUCKY ME!   Travel time to Limassol, Cyprus from Luhansk, Ukraine was almost two days (18 hours on a train to Kiev , 4 hours of transfer time, and then 8 hours of flying Kiev – Prague – Larnaca)  BUT  the conference and the venue, Cyprus, were definitely worth the trip. 

2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 042

Map of Cyprus from the Old fortress in Limassol

   2011_1013 Conference 002  

Photo 1:  Opening address from the President of the Republic of Cyprus

2011_1013 Conference 003

Photo 3: Opening address from Secretary General of the Council of Europe and

Chair of Norwegian Nobel Prize committee

2011_1013 Conference 004 

Opening remarks: Kostyantyn Gryshchenko, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ukraine

  2011_1013 Conference 006   

Lenia Samuel, Deputy Director, Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, EU

2011_1013 Conference 009

Andreas Christou,  Mayor of Limassol

2011_1013 Conference 009A 

Closing remarks:  Photo 1:   Joao Mota Amaral, Portugal, Member of Parliament

 2011_1013 Conference 009B

Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis, MInister of Foreign Affairs, Cyprus

The conference had very important conference speakers and panelists and I did learn a lot and I met many very interesting participants from governments, academia, and NGOs (non-government organizations).  To relate how small the world is:  the Director  General for Social Cohesion, a committee of the Council of Europe, is a Russian and we struck up several fun conversations.  First, the Director General wanted to know WHY I was attending the conference, and then WHY was I in Luhansk and then WHAT did I do with my organization!  AND then, when he found out I lived in San Diego, he told me his daughter lives there.  She and her Ukrainian husband emigrated to San Diego and work in the bio tech field.  The Director and his wife have never been to CA and it’s a dream for them.  We will stay in touch!

And yes, the conference site was lovely, especially so now that it is cold and grey in Ukraine.  It was wonderful to see orange trees, plumeria, bougainvillea, the Mediterranean, eat fresh mussels, drink lovely white and red wines, and be in 78 degree weather. 

2011_1013 Cyprus 002      2011_1013 Cyprus 003 

  2011_1013 Cyprus 004    2011_1013 Cyprus 005   

  2011_1013 Cyprus 006    2011_1013 Cyprus 007

All six photos are of the conference facilities – Le Meridien at Limassol, Cyprus.  No complaints from Caroline!!

The conference organizers provided a nice four hour excursion of the area near Limassol.  We had to see something of the island before we all departed for home!

2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 003   2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 004 

 Greek ruins… along the main road to and from the conference site  

  2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 006  2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 007 

Beach villas now available to own… on the Mediterranean

2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 008            2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 009 

Photo 1:  the walkway all along the coast.        Photo 2 : The walkway passes an archeological dig.

 2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 010  Photo of  Orange groves

2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 012   2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 019 

 2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 023  2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 024

Four photos above:  An archeological dig site- an ancient house with gardens, and mosaics (below) and the view to the sea from the site (on a hill top).

2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 016     2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 014 

     2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 025 


2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 026   2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 027  

2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 028

The amphitheater at the site and one of the column capitols being restored

After we visited the archeological site, we visited the remains of an old fortress near the Limassol harbor.  Also very interesting.

2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 037        2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 045

2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 047     2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 050

And for those of you who know my DeSimone pottery collection from Sicily, I found these designs on the old Cypriot pottery fascinating.  The designs on my DeSimone plates are very similar!

2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 038     2011_1014 Cyrpus sites 039

I hope all of you are well and enjoying life at home.  

All the best to everyone! 


2011_1013 Cyprus 015   2011_1013 Cyprus 022 

  2011_1013 Conference 022    2011_1013 Conference 023

Photos: The two blips are my feet in the Med!   The full Moon over the Med in Cyprus.


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