Happy Valentine’s Day

Hello Family and Friends!

Yes, it has been about two months since my last blog/update on my life as a Peace Corps volunteer.  The reason for the delay:   I am just back from a three-week emergency leave trip to the US.  Sadness and joy in one trip.  In mid-January my Mom took a nasty fall, which put her in the hospital.  My brothers called and asked that I come home, which I did.  I was extremely fortunate to be with my Mom for three days before she died on 25 January.  She is now happily with my father, the love of her life (they were married 65 years) and now, both are watching over all of us.

Isaure “Zo” de La Chapelle Lord

April 5, 1919 – January 25, 2012

It is good to be back at work; Mom was extremely proud of what I am doing.  And yes, I am happy to be back at work to finish my service.  OK.. so maybe the weather is a bit horrible;  so horrible that Ukraine’s weather has made international news!  It was –29C when I arrived back in Luhansk. 

  2012_0115 Luhansk 001    2012_0115 Luhansk 016 

Winter…. fresh snow.

 2012_0115 Luhansk 018  2012_0115 Luhansk 020


P1010149  P1010150

Ice on our streets… and as you see, no one is out walking!  It is that cold!


It may be cold….BUT… I do have my animal skin – not sure what kind of animal- coat.  The coat was  a huge hit in California… “what sort of animal is that really Aunt Caroline?”   NOTE:  the coat, known as the “Wookie” is so big and so heavy, it fills one overhead bin on a plane. 

2012_0203 067 2012_0125 005  2012_0126 058

Family having fun wearing the Wookie

2012_0203 010   2012_0203 011

Family having fun wearing the Wookie

Today is Valentine’s day!  My organization asked me to do a “paint your own heart magnet”  and yes, I obliged.  What a great day and what fun!

2012_0214 001   2012_0214 003 

  2012_0214 005    2012_0214 007 

2012_0214 010   2012_0214 013

2012_0214 016  2012_0214 019 

2012_0214 021  2012_0214 024

2012_0214 025  2012_0214 033

2012_0214 035  2012_0214 037

As I write today, it is a balmy –1C, which means it is too hot for the wookie!  Is spring around the corner?  And of note, I have less than 100 days of service before I return back home!  Time flies when you are having fun!  A few more blogs to come, I promise.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. 



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