Caroline–RPCV Ukraine 2010-2012

Hello Everyone,

I am very very proud today.  I have completed my Peace Corps service!  All the paperwork is processed and Caroline is an RPCV

It has been a very very emotional week saying goodbye to my Ukrainian family; there is a new lake in Luhansk because of all my tears!

2012_0502 003  2012_0503 002  2012_0503 003

1) Olya, Director of School #1 in Molodogvardeyst 2) Lyudmilla, my tutor, and Alosha her son 3)Alosha, Lyudmilla and Caroline

2012_0429 Crystal 012 2012_0509 001 2012_0509 006 

1) Kurt, Anya, Elena, Cary, CLM, Maria, Adil

2) May 9 (VE Day) FRIENDS: Will, CLM, Artiom, Wyoming, Maxim, Amy  

3)  Dr. Yuri- having fun being the Shashlik chef

2012_0512 001 2012_0512 002 2012_0512 005

The farewell party at the Train station (the Train station police were VERY upset that we had champagne!)

1) L to R:  Tayana, Lena, Marina, CLM, Natalya, Irina, Vera   2) L to R: Irina, Christina, Vera, Alosha, Dim, Alexey, Pasha, Vicki, Valya 3) ClM, Natalya, Irina

2012_0512 006 2012_0512 008 2012_0512 011

1) Artiom, CLM, Nina (my cooking club pals)  2) Valya and Amy Woodstock (PCV pal) 3) Valya, CLM and Gala – my first three students for English tutoring!

2012_0512 015 2012_0512 017

1) CLM and Nina  2) Artiom and CLM    My cooking club pals!!

2012_0512 021

My office colleagues (really my Ukrainian family) and Amy (who often helped me with my colleagues)

Back row:  L to R  Gala, Natalya, Alosha, Irina, Christina, Vera

Kneeling or seated:  L to R:  Dim, Valya, Amy, Alexey, CLM, Tatyana, Marina Lena

Children:  Pasha and Vicki

Thanks to my Ukrainian friends, I had an unbelievable and wonderful experience in Ukraine. 

And so…..

My PCV pal, Amy and I took one last Ukrainian train – Luhansk to Kiev - and had one last train picnic… was 105F (41C) when we left Luhansk. 

The train was a trifle hot for a while!  The air con eventually worked!

2012_0512 023 2012_0512 024 

AND then… I turned over the keys to my wonderful flat, to Will Granger, PCV, who will take over the Luhansk Bed and Breakfast.

2012_0513 003

I know the transition / coming home is going to be difficult, but I am pretty sure I can handle public toilets that supply toilet paper, clothes dryers, and refrigerators that have ICE and COLD WATER TAPS! 

And what amazing facts have I added to my wealth of knowledge and travel and living overseas….

1)  I know that the shelf life of a zip lock bag is about two years.

2)  Duct tape really does hold lots of things together!

3) You cannot beat fresh fruits and vegetables – all summer long….

4) Family bonds grow deeper.

 Zo and Dick (klord v1)

My Mom (4/1919-1/2012) and my Dad (4/1920 – 2/2009) – both very proud that I became a Peace Corps volunteer

2011_0605 060.jpg  2011_0605 061.jpg 2012_0203 023

1 & 2) My siblings with Mom- June 2011 2) My son-in-law Josh Rees, Frances Mackenzie and Ian Mackenzie - January 2012

5)  Friendships never die, they just get stronger!


John Theroux and Pat Holmes – my travel pals- who came all the way to Ukraine!

See everyone back home!

THANK YOU for reading all about my Peace Corps Service for the last two+ years!

All the best to everyone!


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